Owner Occupied Rehabilitation

CHP performs emergency repairs and restores existing structures to owner occupied houses through the use of volunteer labor, donated materials/services, financial contributions and government funding through the CDBG program. Repairs can include heating and air conditioning, handicap ramps, light carpentry, plumbing or electrical. Over 225 families have been assisted with repairs in this method during the 2013 to 2014 business year. There continues to be an increase in calls for emergency repair assistance for the elderly, disabled and low to moderate income residents in the county. All applicants must income qualify.

Rental Housing

In 1995, CHP received a THDA HOME grant to rehabilitate several condemned properties into six rental units. In 1996, CHP received a second THDA HOME Grant and constructed nine single family houses for rental. And in 2009, CHP received a third THDA HOME Grant and purchased six additional units within the Hard Bargain Mount Hope neighborhood in Franklin. Currently, CHP owns and operates thirty six rental units within the city limits of Franklin and Fairview. Each unit rents for reasonable, below market value rates. All applicants must income qualify.

First Time Homebuyers

In 2006, CHP established the first time Homebuyers program to help Williamson County residents with buying their first house. As housing prices in Williamson County are extremely high, assistance in buying a house is critical to young families and low income residents. This program uses a variety of methods to reduce the price of a house. CHP is an approved purchaser of HUD foreclosed homes. This enables CHP to rehabilitate and sell homes to first time homebuyers at a reduced price. Finally, CHP uses government funding through the CDBG programs to buy, rehabilitate and sell finished houses to first time homebuyers. CHP strives to increase the opportunities for first time homebuyers and helps an estimated 12 to 15 families per year through the program.

Single/Multi-Family Development

CHP acted as the General Partner in Caspian Hills, a Low Income Housing Tax Credit project of 88 new units in Fairview. These units are brand new townhouses of 2 to 3 bedrooms and rent to low income tenants at a subsidized rate to insure affordability. Additionally CHP has developed numerous units for social issues such as developmentally disabled, battered women and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. CHP continues to look at opportunities for further projects of this type, including HUD 202 or HUD 811 units in conjunction with other entities. The need for affordable rental housing within Williamson County is tremendous and an area that CHP continues to pursue.


If you or someone you know is in need of emergency assistance, please give us a call at 615-790-5556.